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Recipe For A Good Marriage

Our recipe for a good marriage: lots of laughter and flirting? That helps, but no, real recipe below ↡@unshakablecrown Last week we celebrated 4 years of marriage, but it was one of the most unpleasant weeks of our marriage thus far. I had a some sort of food poisoning, we got a big rejection that really hurt, made a frustrating mistake, one of our family members started chemo and radiation, financial stress, a big parking ticket and dealing with a tough family problem to name some of it all weighed us down to the max. We felt completely overwhelmed and hopeless. I don't share this to complain or throw a pity party, I share because things online can looks so pretty, but life can be so very messy. We can so often compare peoples outward appearances with our inward battles and it's not fair to us or them. No matter how happy someone looks, I believe we're each fighting a tough battle, some weeks being harder than other weeks. As we had nothing left to give each other we realized it's impossible to make each other or anyone else the source of our hope or joy. It's only by us trusting in God and His plan and greater purpose, and His perspective in which we can have hope and joy. That's the real secret to our marriage. We can't do it alone. Not even close. We have God who holds the world together who also holds our marriage together. When we fail, He doesn't. And that's reason to press on. What do you the recipe is for a good marriage? Love to hear from you!


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