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You are Loved Beyond Measure by the God who created the Universe!

We hope you can wear these shirts with this truth over your heart as a reminder. The cross as a reminder that Jesus saves us. He removes our shame as far as the east is from the west.

God created the world. He created you. He walks with you. He cares about you. You are never alone.  He sees us as a new creation. Nothing can separate us from His love.


I pray you would know today and every day how wide, vast, high and long is the love of Christ. That it would be written as a seal upon your heart. That we could see ourselves and others through the lens of love, forgiveness, and grace.


You are loved beyond measure, friend!


Sizing info: Some seem to run small. Stefanie is wearing size M. Caleb is wearing size XXL and he usually wears a XL (he's 6'5). 

Click here to see the causes we support through our small business! We are so grateful for you!

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