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Husband and wife relationship coaches who love to empower others & 

ignite hope & purpose over others lives through our images, messages & online courses.


Stefanie & Caleb Rouse

Mission Statement:

We are digital creators who speak a message of “you are loved beyond measure” in everything we do. We want to ignite hope and purpose over others lives through our images, messages, and online courses. 

With our masters degrees in Marriage & Family Therapy, Theology and Education we love empowering singles, couples, and marriages to have the most thriving relationship with each other, God and themselves.


What drives us is the love of Jesus and how He has made each person uniquely and wonderfully.  The love of Christ ignites us to share with others, the freedom we find in him, and how we can grow together in love as a community. God has called us to be world changers, we believe that each time we share love with just one other person, we are making a difference in the world.

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We have both been transformed by our relationship with Jesus and continue to be saved by His love and grace everyday. We love to keep it real about our triumphs and trials navigating this culture and life walking with God to the best of our abilities. We love sharing these experiences with others, and we pray we could encouraging you. We love and welcome all people of different genders, races, religions, etc. We believe that you can come as you are and know that you are loved beyond measure.  


We believe that people’s relationships are one of the biggest keys to their happiness. We like to empower others with both the wisdom of our education (Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy & Masters in Education), our experiences in dating and in marriage, and through our work with our clients. 


We help others cultivate long lasting, joyful and meaningful relationships. 


When we travel we get to see new people and new places and our perspective shifts, and our vision grows. We love sharing some unique ways to enjoy and experience these beautiful places we get to visit. 


We hope that whether you get to travel here one day in person or not that these travel guides will help you enjoy the best things each place has to offer that would make your experience the best possible. If you are not able to visit, we hope you are able to gain a taste and new perspective of each place through our content. 

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  • Stefanie & Caleb believe in speaking value, worth, truth and love over every life because of God’s great love for each of us.


  • We believe in Jesus and trust and surrender to Him with all our hearts. We need Him for life and breath and everything else. We love people of all religious backgrounds, races, genders etc. and believe it’s our mission to love each person for who they are.


  • We are trained as Masters in Psychology, Education, and Theology & SYMBIS trained and using these skills is our mission to help others experience their relationships to their fullest God given potential, as taught in our mentorship/class Cultivate Relationship. 


  • We love marriage and believe in helping people overcome emotional baggage, addiction, fear, lies, etc to enter into a healthy, long lasting marriage to the best of our ability.


  • Our mission is to help change the world by helping (with God’s guidance) heal hearts and lives of people and their relationships, as we grow and learn in our marriage. We hope to speak value, worth & purpose over others to help them live their fullest life in their relationships, business & personal life.

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  • We love to share ways we’ve overcome (or are overcoming) obstacles in our lives and marriage. We keep it real with people in the hopes of helping others that might be facing the same struggles of our past/present. We believe that God never wastes pain, and He can and will one day make all things new and good.


  • When Jesus walked on earth, He spoke the truth to people but didn’t force them to believe anything or act in a way they didn’t want to. He wanted the best for them but always gave them a choice. We believe it’s our job to share the truth in love. We want to follow in Jesus’ example, although we are also sinners and fall short of God’s glory. We believe it’s never our role or job to judge, belittle, or try to force anyone into our worldview. We’re all about having compassion, love, kindness, and help give wisdom to those that seek our counsel.


  • We offer personalized, premium services with care, love and excellence to the best of our abilities.  We believe in personalized care because each person is unique. We desire true transformation in marriages/lives over short lived victories.


  • We believe God is the judge of people, and not us. We believe that each person (including ourselves) sins and falls short of God’s glory. Our prayer is to see others through the lens of love, and leave the judgement up to God.


  • We know that in this world there can be much hardship and trouble, and that God is our ever-present help and He wants us to help each other as well. He puts certain people in our lives for a reason, and shares His love, hope and healing through them. We want to be a source of help and healing.


  • We believe when we are blessed in any way, to give back and be a blessing with gifts we’ve been given. We love giving back the knowledge that we’ve learned and give resources back to causes we believe in.


  • We help support orphans and impoverished people in Rwanda & throughout Africa.  We support homeless youth in Los Angeles and those that are hungry through the Dream Center. 


Click Here To Find Out More About Our Christian Beliefs and We Welcome Questions!

Hey You! I’m Stefanie. I’ve always loved people and see strangers as friends I haven’t met yet.


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA  where my family still lives and has lived for generations. After being the first in my family to get a college education where I attended Penn State for a degree in education,  I also made the decision to be the first to leave Pennsylvania. I was on staff with Young Life (a youth ministry) and couldn’t wait to be better educated to love and serve kids and families. 


I drove across the country to a big city where I didn’t know a soul. LA was culture shock and worlds apart from Rwanda where I had just returned from a mission trip to an orphanage.


I came to LA to get my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. The demanding program also mixed with theology classes from Fuller Seminary challenged me to face all the parts of myself I wanted to hide.  It has changed my perspective on people and relationships, and now 9 years removed from the program.

I run a successful mentorship course called Cultivate Relationship. It combines all the most useful insights from my program, working with clients, case studies, my own personal life to help others enter into a relationship filled with connection, intimacy, and joy. I love that now I get to use all the skills that were the most useful to help people build healthy, loving, long-lasting relationships. 

I’m passionate about marriage and family and speaking value and worth over people’s lives.  Photography and creating beautiful things has always been one of my passions. Helping others build their photography skills & personal brand is a joy for me! 


I love working alongside my husband! We get to serve the world blessing people and helping them receive joy and love over their lives and relationships


My goal is to add value to people’s lives, marriage, relationships, business & personal life and share what has impacted us in the hope to impact others in a positive way. 

    What's up! I'm Caleb. 

Here are 10 thing about me: 

1️⃣ I absolutely and wholehearted love Jesus, and He has changed my life drastically. Each day I learn from Him and experience His love in new ways.

2️⃣ I adore my 🌎 -changer wife. She has rocked my world, and makes me a better man. One of my life goals is to make her happy and to be the best husband I can be to her. 

3️⃣ My favorite animal is a Tiger 🐯. In fact, as a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a tiger. 

4️⃣ I love sports. I played basketball 🏀 in college and grew up playing multiple sports. My favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tottenham Hotspurs.

5️⃣ I love adventures. Exploring new places and seeing beautiful creation is extremely exciting to me. It's amazing to help others travel & showcase new places through our YouTube, Blog & Instagram.

6️⃣I am pretty tall, 6'5" to be exact. I don't actually see myself as being tall, I guess I'm just used to it. No, the weather is not any different up here 😜.

7️⃣ I love our company and getting to know others on social media. My Master's is in Education & it's amazing to use these skills to help others through our company.

8️⃣ I believe a key to success is learning new things! I didn't know a thing about photography until Stefanie taught me & now that's what I get to do for a living!

9️⃣ I love helping others in relationships, photography, travel & faith. We can't wait to hopefully serve you in one of these ways!

🔟Would love to connect with you and hear about you!

We can be homebodies and love relaxing and enjoying the simple things of life.

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