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How To Build Confidence, Courage & Hope 

While Not Wasting A Single Moment
Waiting For “The One”

Learn the framework I  used to drop my past baggage, let go of fear, and how I walked into the relationship of my dreams-- even though I had zero reasons to believe “Mr. right” existed-- without feeling like your clock is ticking, falling into the comparison trap or worrying if all the good guys are taken.

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Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy | Fuller Theological Seminary Grad | Masters in Education  



Key relationship education everyone should know but NO ONE taught you:

The things I learned in my Masters program changed my life. If I would have known & incorporated these tools sooner, it would have saved me so much heartbreak: so I’m teaching it to you!


Why your past relationships didn’t work out:

Move through heartbreak, trust there’s hope for your future, and create an unshakable belief that you are worthy of unconditional love.


How to break the cycle of pain: 

Break cycles of self-sabotage that have prevented you from commitment, trusting your significant other, or believing you deserve a loving relationship.


How to take off the mask so Mr. right can actually find you:

Confidently attract the right type of guy without feeling self-conscious or that you need to change yourself for him to like you. 


Strategies my clients used to meet & marry the love of their life: 

How they felt trapped in what seemed like one bad relationship after another and set up tactics to break the cycle and enter into freedom.

Don't just take it from me!

Here are the amazing women who entered into our full course: Cultivate Relationship


"Cultivating Relationship has been a game changer for me. I entered the program with an expectation I would learn to become healthier and start dating. What I found at first surprised me -- I had a TON of toxic thoughts blocking my freedom. With the course, I was able to get freedom from the negative and toxic thoughts that were blocking blessings in all areas of my life, from dating/romance, to my relationship with my family, myself, and even my work life. As I've put these tools to practice, my friends and family see a tremendous difference in my life. I am showing up with more presence and patience. I have taken full responsibility for my thoughts and no longer live in a victim mindset that bad things keep happening to me. I was able to move through my pain to find freedom. The other really key takeaway from this program is that it is not full of feel good platitudes (although, gosh, I feel AMAZING and so much better), nor is it bandaid solutions. The freedom cycle is real and lasting. It is truly a toolbox that you can use throughout your lifetime to cultivate stronger, more present, healthier relationships. I am absolutely blown away by the transformation in just 8 weeks and would recommend this to any single woman who wants to find freedom and a more abundant, happier, healthier relationship with herself before entering into an amazing relationship with the man of her dreams. Thanks, Stef & Caleb!" 



I was dumped, filled with rejection, toxic thoughts, paralyzed by fear and insecurities of not being enough and had lost all hope for months. I kept trying so hard to get through the breakup however each day was hard as I worked through a lot of grief; then I came across this course, and the support and community from Stefanie and Caleb has turned my life around. This group helped me grow, learn and understand relationships, the other women reminded me I am not alone, and to trust Gods plan. It has provided me a new mindset and hope that I to can cultivate a loving, long lasting relationship with these new tools. The freedom cycle changed the way I felt about myself, provided me peace and joy to be vulnerable and love in a new way.



"After many failed attempts at dating and relationships, I finally decided to do something different. I was a little skeptical at first and didn’t know if this course could really help. But after the first two weeks doing this program I began to finally understand why a lot of my previous attempts at relationships and dating had failed. 


I remember being at the point where I was about to settle, I didn’t know if I should spend the money for this course but I decided to do it. This course was the catalyst I needed that pushed me in the right direction where I now have an amazing boyfriend and we share the same values. I am forever grateful that I made the decision to take this course to get me in the right mindset."



"I’m smiling so much more too! This course has been an amazing blessing in my life.

I'm feeling better about myself overall and feeling like the things I am learning are really helping me to change my mindset. I have definitely felt more confident in the last few weeks."



“A few months ago I had hit rock bottom emotionally. I was so deep into my depression and not feeling like I was ever going to be good enough for anyone after yet another failed attempt at a relationship. I happened to be be scrolling through Facebook after one of my many emotional breakdowns when I came across an ad for Cultivate Relationship. I clicked the link and my life completely changed. 


I am so glad and so thankful I decided to take the step and dive into this course. Not only do I feel like it has made a huge difference but my closest friends have noticed too. Even one in haven’t seen in 4 months noticed how happier I am. This has been a life changing decision for me that I will be able to carry on and not only be a better me but a better mom and future partner. I couldn’t even begin to Thank Stefanie and Caleb enough. Truly amazing and life altering.”



I am Relationship Counselor & Digital Creator.

I am passionate about relationships & have my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. 


I live in Pittsburgh, PA & am married to the love of my life Caleb .


Caleb & I work full time together in this business & we are passionate about helping people all over the world connect to God & be in a thriving marriage (even if you are single at the moment).

I can't wait to hang out with you on the masterclass!

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