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When The Fog Lifts

Grand Canyon sunset

It’s about a 7 1/2 hour drive from LA to the Grand Canyon, and we rushed out of our car seats in anticipation of a spectacular site. It was less than a hour to sunset and as we dashed down the path to see… NOTHING! There was so much fog encompassing the canyon, that there was no canyon to be seen. It was one of the most anticlimactic scenes in my life.

Thinking about this moment and the fog that blocked our view is such an analogy for life. The pain/hurt/lies/ungratefulness in our lives can be the fog blocking us to see beauty right in front of us.

Caleb and I didn’t give up and almost broke into a run as we chose a direction and hoped and prayed for the fog to clear before sunset. We knew what beauty we could see if the fog would just lift.

Do you have hope for the beauty you could see if the fog lifted in your life? If we could see others with love instead of hate. Have peace in our hearts instead of bitterness. What a refreshing way to see the world.

It kept growing darker, but right as the sun was setting this is the sight we saw. The fog cleared and this striking sunset was before us.

The moments where the fog lifts in my life are my favorite. Focusing on the good, pure, holy things, being grateful, getting rid of bitterness, prayer, reading the Bible, trusting God with my future, serving others are all ways for the fog to lift for me. What about you?

What’s one of your favorite sunsets you’ve ever seen?


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