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You are loved beyond measure

The Greatest Showman | The Greatest Outcast Welcomer

Have you ever felt like an outcast? Like you didn’t quite belong? As much as I tried to act like I belonged throughout my life, an outsider is how I often felt. I’m also always drawn to outsiders. Those that have a humility to them. That don’t put others down. Those that have experienced pain, and know that treating others like you’re better isn’t an option. That’s why when I started reading the Bible daily 11 years ago, I feel so madly in love with Jesus. Those that were cast out, made to feel less-than, those that had to hide themselves for being different, that experience tremendous pain, Jesus brought them out of the shadows, ate with them, raised them up, healed them from the inside out. The good news of Jesus Christ is for all. “Here there is no Gentile or Jew…slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all.” Colossians 3:11.  I believe we are each drawn to story lines that share themes found in the Bible because it’s what our soul so deeply desires. Redemption stories, underdog stories, even when all hope seems lost-there’s light that’s found. The idea that even through all the rejection and pain we can feel throughout this life, that what is coming is greater than any of the pain we’ve experienced. All those stories point to our deepest longing of our hearts: to be unconditionally loved, accepted, redeemed, freed, forgiven, adopted as family, embraced by the God of the Universe. This is what Jesus offers us all. The Greatest Showman is me and Caleb’s new favorite movie. We both can’t stop from getting tears in our eyes when those outcasts “not even accepted by their own mothers” are now the heroes, raised up, put in a family, no longer need to hide their faces. That real priorities in life are realized and all the lights will never be enough, but true love and belonging is what this life is about. Have you ever felt like an outcast? In the Kingdom of Heaven, that’s who’s raised up. Jesus’ is near you and longing for us each to except His unconditional, eternal love and belonging. And have our hearts so wrapped up in this truth that any rejection the world throws our way is trumped by our adoption and new name as children of Christ the King. 


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