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The Beach Has A Special Place In Our Hearts

The beach has such special meaning to Stefanie and me. So many memories, fun times, adventures, new beaches, and beautiful sunsets. Laguna Beach has even more special meaning than the rest. Not only was it the place we got engaged but it is also a favorite amongst our Pittsburgh family. Every time they come to visit we stay in Laguna for at least a night. The water is so blue, the beaches so perfect, and Heisler Park by the beach is beautiful and extremely picturesque to walk through and enjoy. This park was a favorite place of Stefanie's late grandpa Miller who was such a special man to us all in the family. His kindness, gentleness, and fun loving personality were all things that made him such a great man to have gotten to know in this new family of mine. He would visit family and walk these beaches and would often talk of the beauty of Heisler park when we would go back to Pittsburgh to visit them. Every single time we go we think of him as we stroll through the park, memories flashing before my eyes while also picturing him walking through and taking time to visit each flower, plant, and tree to study every beautiful detail of their makeup. I love sharing this experience with Stefanie every time we go. He was like a father to her and I know he is heavy on her mind every time we are in Laguna, which is one of the reasons why I think she likes to go. We are thankful for the experiences we continue to have there and we are looking forward to many more to come. What place has a special meaning for you? We always love hearing from you all! 


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