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Thankful In Seasons

Can I ask you guys a question? Do you take moments to be thankful even in the midst of busyness? Believe me, I need work on this, but in the midst of my editing I try to celebrate, pray, and thank God for the people in front of me. With all of the things we have going on, its definitely time for a break. It’s been such a crazy few weeks for us. From getting a chance to be models in front of 18 cameras in Palm Springs, 2 weddings, 20+ family shoots, sail boat 🚣‍♀️ engagement shoot, and editing for days! We have gotten so much work done, but we both feel it’s time for a little getaway. We are headed up to Big Bear for some R&R before thanksgiving to recuperate and restore our minds, bodies, and spirits. We are incredibly grateful for our job and the opportunities we have been given (especially as of late). We love our work, and clients. And It is good to get some separation when we can from the constant hustle and media around us. I’m challenged to find reasons to be thankful in both the busy and slow times. What are you guys thankful for today? 


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Hey, Friends! We LOVE our online family! It’s been amazing to connect to so many wonderful people online, and we can’t wait to connect more with you! We’re Stefanie and Caleb, husband and wife best friends and business partners. We love empowering others to have thriving relationships! We can't wait to connect to you!





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