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Husband and wife  relationship coaches, travel and lifestyle bloggers

You are loved beyond measure

Tell Me Something About You!

Happy Friday, friends! I want to learn something new about you, so I’m sharing some things you may not know about me, #fridayintroductions I’m Stefanie, and I’m with Reese’s here, one of our two rescue kittens. I’m a full time business owner, #girlboss, entrepreneur. Photographer, blogger, relationship educator @unshakablecrown I’m allergic to cats and many animals but I’m obsessed with animals, always have been. I’m a huge nerd in multiple ways, I’m always researching things and loved school. I basically never missed a day of school K-12th and never missed a college class that I can remember. I came to California from Pittsburgh to get my Masters which I did, and am close to a second Masters degree. I was thinking of getting my PHD but just do a lot of other studies for our job: photography, business, writing, etc. I wear glasses (or contacts) and am allergic to so many things and have constant congestion. I was sneezing right before Caleb snapped this pic. I'm am currently getting immunotherapy shots for 16 of my allergies 😂 I haven’t always embraced my nerdy 🤓 side but learning how much of one I really am. I’m super sensitive, love being creative, empathetic and can be so corny, but keep it real too. I constantly make up fake words and weird nicknames to call my best friend/business partner/true love/husband: Caleb. I love putting myself in others shoes and seeing the beauty in the world around me and in each person. One of the reasons I love my job so much. That’s a couple new things about me, I would love to learn something new about you, can't wait to hear it! 


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Hey, Friends! We LOVE our online family! It’s been amazing to connect to so many wonderful people online, and we can’t wait to connect more with you! We’re Stefanie and Caleb, husband and wife best friends and business partners. We love empowering others to have thriving relationships! We can't wait to connect to you!





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