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Sherry & Rene

wedding rent the runway

The Casas threw themselves a great celebration and enjoyed what any would call a very special wedding. Sherry and Rene exchanged vows on Sunday evening in front of an intimate group of family and friends to permanently fuse their lives together in a wonderful union.

The way that Sherry and Rene were able to express their love for each other was unique in that you felt very close to them no matter if you were a stranger or a best friend. Sherry and Rene shared stories of how over the past five years they have had to go through many difficult times and it was through those times that their relationship was truly solidified. They tearfully stood at the alter and expressed with deep humility their love for each other. You could feel the rock solid emotions amidst the pain from the past exuding through their heartfelt vows and declaration of love for each other. This wedding was full of special moments where the bride and groom were able to bring all who attended into their love story even for just one night, and I have to say we all felt a part of the family. You could tell of the deep impact they had on so many, especially their nieces and nephews.

The beautiful bride’s nieces couldn’t stop staring at her. “Can I borrow your dress for my wedding someday?” Sherry's nieces had sparkles in their eyes over her dress and everything about her. They all said that they felt as if Sherry was "queen" for the day and they were her little princesses. The nieces expressed just how much they would like to be like Sherry and how they would like a wedding like this one day.

All in all this wedding was a blast to attend and a blessing to be a part of. We both walked away with a new experience and yet another way that God can show us His love for us through the love of two people. We are thankful for Sherry and Rene to allow us to play such a big part in their special day and we look forward to seeing where their marriage takes them in the future. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Casas!! ✨


Photographers: Stefanie and Caleb Rouse: Unshakable Crown

Venue: Fox Theater Pomona

Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Moore

DJ: Mila Ruiz

Music Artist : Pato Banton

Makeup Artist: We are Industry Studios, Jaymie Wile

Hair Stylest: Rena Marmolejo

Wedding Dress: Rent the Runway

Designer: Marchesa Notte - Glea Gown

Men's Tuxes: Friar Tux

Florist: Wedding Mavens, Deana Echevarria

Jewelry Designer: Shanna Urrutia,


Marcy Timpane-Guinotte, Jennifer Marler, Jenni McMillan


Steve Stiteler, Nathan Casas, Eric Woodruff


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