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You are loved beyond measure

Reyes Family

Abraham and Raquel

Dodgers! Dodgers! They may not have won the series, but this family in their dodger gear did not disappoint! Abraham, Raquel, Elijah, Isaiah, and Alma were such a joy to shoot in the park. We got to start off our session with some baseball ⚾️ mixed with daddy (Abraham) chasing Alma all around. We have rarely met a family with such a beautiful and joyful zest for life and for each other. Their love was apparent in all that they did and it seemed that smiles could never leave their faces. We were completely blessed by our time with them, and so excited to be blessed by their infectious joy! We felt as if we were flies in the wall, getting to see this lovely family enjoy their day at the park. You guys, their story is...WOW! You have to check it out on the blog to see the true power of God and what He is doing in our city.