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Ordinary Turned Extraordinary

Sometimes the most sweet & romantic moments are in the ordinary. It's wonderful to be gazing out into a beach sunset of overlooking the Grand Canyon. Those moments took my breath away, but so did last night. We had both had long and exhausting days. And after Caleb's 12 hour work day we went to an auto parts store so he could replace the headlight. As I held up a flashlight for him in our apartments garage he turned over the light and a gallon of water spilled out all over the floor and on us. We were listening to the song "I could die a happy man" and after he got done fixing the car he took my hand into his dirty hand and we danced around the glistening garage (because of the water we spilt) singing the lyrics "and if all I got is your hand in my hand, baby I could die, a happy man." It was a moment that took my breath away. It was ordinary and messy with no wonders of the world except love. We love embracing those ordinary moments and make them extraordinary. What's an ordinary turned extraordinary moment you've had lately? Love hearing from you!! 


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