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One Year of Having Honey Bear in Our Lives

It’s Dec 3rd, the day my life changed forever,✨ on this day last year. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s true. The day I received my first dog, Honey Bear 🍯 🐻 @honeybearthepom . At least half the days of my childhood, I asked for a dog. It’s all I asked for as a Christmas present some years. I tried everything but my dad wouldn’t budge. I wanted a dog the entire time I was an adult,  but every apartment I lived in wouldn’t allow it. I spent countless hours/days looking up dogs and showing them to Caleb. ___ Last year around then time I found her online. I begged Caleb if we could just take a look (only an hour away). It was Honey Bear and her sister, and as soon as Caleb held Honey Bear (who was significantly smaller than her sister) he knew she was the one. I lived in a state of awe and disbelief as I was wrecked by the cuteness. Yes I’m crying in this picture. We drove to Caleb’s parents house, and the first time my brother-in-law saw her from a distance he thought 🍯 🐻 was a hedgehog because she was so small and fluffy 😂. The entire family fell in love with her. I’ll try to find old videos and put them in our stories today. ___ Then I was wrecked by the lack of sleep and amount of work it was to take care of her. I realized all the reasons why my dad said no all those years. But this last year having this little princess of a dog I’ve learned so many valuable lessons, and my heart has grown. She has the funniest personality, has allowed us to meet so many more people (because she wants everyone to be her BFF), has taught me much more about patience and has provided constant laughs and entertainment for Caleb and I. ___ Happy One Year of being apart of our family Honey Bear! We love you SO Much! What’s an unexpected thing that has changed your life? Love hearing from you! 


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