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NFL Week 16 – Predictions

NFL Week 16 – Predictions

Week 10 Predictions Record: 10-6

Season Predictions Record: 112-63

We are back with our week 16 predictions for the 2016 NFL season. With only two weeks left in the season, all games are important and teams are fighting for playoff positions. Week 16 begins with a big matchup on Thursday night between the Giants and the Eagles. The game of the week is one of our Christmas Day games with the Ravens going to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. The winner is sure to be in the drivers seat for the division title. Take a look at the power rankings going into this week to see which teams might rise and which teams might fall. I am anxious to get on with predictions, I am hopeful to keep this winning predictions record alive this week. Here are the picks for week 16 in the NFL.

Teams on Bye: None



Ravens vs. Steelers

Preview: Our game of the week this week is in Pittsburgh where the Baltimore Ravens come to town in a rivalry game of epic proportions as these two teams duke it out for the division title. In their first meeting, the Ravens dominated the Steelers in Baltimore and took the division lead, but in recent weeks the Ravens have since faultered and the Steelers have taken control of the division. The Steelers are one of the red-hot teams in the NFL right now and do not look to be slowed in this game. There is too much at stake in this one for this Steelers team to falter and fall away. Look for a close one at home, but the Steelers offense will be too powerful for this Ravens defense. The Steeler defense will be the difference in this game. Great game to watch.




Giants vs. Eagles

Preview: A great NFC East matchup on Thursday Night Football as the Giants come to town to face the Eagles. Two teams at opposite ends of the standings. The Giants are firmly in position as the first wild card team, and the Eagles are fighting for dignity as these teams come to a head in this game. The Giants are red-hot having disposed of the Cowboys twice this season, and are sitting at 10-4 going into the final two weeks. They need to win out in order to have a chance at the division title. This game should be a close one as both teams post strong defenses and struggling offenses. But the edge has to go to the Giants as they have played better as of late, and they post more playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. OBJ should have a big game and do just enough to earn the win for the Giants. More pressure will be put on the Cowboys to grab a win to hold on to the number one spot in the NFC.



Jets vs. Patriots

Preview: Rivals collide this week as the Jets go to New England to face the Patriots. The Patriots have full control of the AFC much like the Cowboys in the NFC, with most teams trailing and waiting to see how they finish. The Jets have been poor this season, never really getting anything going on offense or on defense, they are due for a major re-haul in the offseason. This game should not be close, the Patriots are too powerful and disciplined to lose this game on either side of the ball. Brady has been nothing short of spectacular this season in his return from suspension. Expect a 10 point victory for the Pats.



Dolphins vs. Bills

Preview: The Dolphins and Bills square off in Buffalo this week in a divisional matchup that has big implications for the Dolphins. The Dolphins are trying to sneak into the playoffs this year after a slow start, and they will have to win out to have any type of chance at it. This game will be COLD, it will be snowy, and it will be ugly. The Bills are a good team, and depending on which team shows up for them. Is it the team that beat the Patriots? Or the team that struggled to a 7-7 record so far? We shall see, but I’m betting that Rex Ryan will have his guys prepared and ready to spoil the Dolphins playoffs hopes.



Titans vs. Jaguars

Preview: Now I normally would have no interest in this game. The Titan vs. Jaguars? Are you kidding me? But the Titans are doing something special in Tennessee. They have been building a powerhouse of a team that will compete for years to come. They built an offensive line, they got their guys at Running back, they have their franchise QB in Mariota. This Titans team will be a force in the years to come. And this year they are making a statement as well, that they will not back down, and that they are not out of the playoff hunt. A few weeks ago, I would have said that they had no chance at winning the division, but here we are in week 16 and they are tied with the lead. This should get interesting! Titans win this one on the road.



Vikings vs. Packers

Preview: A tough divisional matchup in Lambeau this week as the Vikings take on the Packers. The Rodgers-led Packers have been absolutely tearing their way through the league lately in route to being one game behind division leaders the Lions and sitting in the last wild card spot for the playoffs. If the Packers can somehow manage to win out, they will own that spot heading into wild card week. This week they face a good Vikings defense that can shut down elite passers. This should be a hard fought game in which the Packers are able to pull out a close one at home. Their defense is better than the Vikings offense is. Game, Packers.



Chargers vs. Browns

Preview: Believe it or not, I had a hard time picking this game. Of all the games this season, this is the one game that I believe the Browns can win. The Chargers have had moments of brilliance, but for most of the season they have been absolute trash and extremely inconsistent. That’s what opens the door for these Browns to come in and steal one away. But I still just cannot give this one to the Browns. The Chargers have the potential to be much better and should come into Cleveland and wipe the floor with the Browns. Chargers win one on the road.



Redskins vs. Bears

Preview: This should actually be a tough test for the Redskins this week as the Bears have been playing opponents very close as of late. Jordan Howard has been an absolute BOSS this season leading his team on offense, but that will not be enough. The Redskins have too potent of an offense led by Kirk Cousins and Jordan Reed and they should do enough to win this game on the road to put some pressure on the Packers. Redskins win a close one due to their offensive firepower.



Falcons vs. Panthers

Preview: This is an intriguing game, the Falcons have been very consistent this season in leading their division and dominating on the offensive side of the football. On the other hand, the Panthers have been atrocious and have stumbled their way to a 6-8 record after a Super Bowl loss. The Panthers have been playing well in recent weeks which has me thinking that they have a chance, but I believe that the Falcons behind Matt Ryan and the return of Julio Jones will be able to put away this Panthers team for good and stroll their way into the playoffs.



Colts vs. Raiders

Preview: Who wants it more? The Colts showed everyone they meant business last week as they absolutely trounced the Saints in a game that showed they are not willing to bow out of this thing. The problem is that this week they face a tough Raiders team on the road in Oakland. The Raiders still have a lot to play for, with the division title still up for grabs and the number 2 spot in the AFC in their hands, they need to finish the year strong to earn a first round bye. The Raiders win this game because they have a more complete team and they will be able to shut down Luck and that passing attack.



Buccaneers vs. Saints

Preview: The Buccaneers go to New Orleans to face the Saints in a divisional matchup that has huge implications for the Buccaneers heading into the final week of the season. The Buc’s hearts were broken last week as they were defeated by the Cowboys on the road. They needed to win that game to show everyone that they were the real deal, unfortunately they were on the receiving end of a whooping (the score didn’t show how lopsided it was) and they now have all the pressure in the world on their shoulders in the final two weeks. They need some help from the Vikings in order to secure a right at the last wild card spot, but first they need to do away with their division foe the Saints. The Saints should cause a lot of problems for the Buccaneers on defense, but they do not have the ability to stop Winston and that passing attack and therefore should not come away with an upset. The Buccaneers win this one on the road to put pressure on the Packers.



Cardinals vs. Seahawks

Preview: Another exciting divisional matchup this week as the Cardinals go to Seattle to face the Seahawks. These two teams tied earlier this season in their first meeting and this game should produce more of the same. Both teams post strong defenses (the Cardinals on some occasions) and should be at their best against each other. This will be a tight contest and will test the resolve of the Seahawks and their title hopes this season. Is this team the same as previous years? Or are they pretenders? Time will only tell as this game comes to a head this weekend. The Seahawks take the victory here.



49ers vs. Rams

Preview: THE BATTLE OF THE BORING!!! This game will be one to shut off and wake up in a couple of hours. I am sad that I live in Los Angeles and will be subject to this horrific matchup on TV, THANK GOD FOR NFL SUNDAY TICKET! At least I can spend more time with family. This game will be close because both these teams SUCK and the Rams will win because their defense is the best thing on the field this Sunday.

Pick: RAMS

Bengals vs. Texans

Preview: A strange sight will be seen this weekend, as Brock Osweiller will start on the bench this week as Tom the SAVAGE will start this week in his place. Savage was a SAVAGE last week as he came in to earn his team a much-needed victory over the Jaguars. Now if I were a betting man I would say that it was a one-week wonder and we will see Osweiller back in this game at some point. But unfortunately for him and the rest of the Texans, it won’t matter because the Bengals are going to come to Houston and win this game. They are playing good football right now, and with the return of AJ Green, they are set up for a big week. The Bengals take this game on the road to give the Titans the lead in the AFC South.



Broncos vs. Chiefs

Preview: A great candidate for game of the week. These two teams were separated by a off the post field goal in overtime the last time they met this season, and this game should be more of the same. The Broncos are as DESPERATE as they could possibly be to have a last chance at making the playoffs. And on the other side the Chiefs are still fighting for hope of a division crown, and with last week’s loss it is looking more and more unlikely. Both teams need this win and it will come down to what offense can produce against the opposing defense. Honestly, I think that the Broncos were lucky to move the ball last time against the Chiefs and they will have a much harder time doing that this time around. We are going to get a heavy dose of Tyreek Hill this game as he will take over when he is needed most in order to get his team the win. Chiefs win a close one.




Lions vs. Cowboys

Preview: Another game with playoff implications for the Cowboys this week as they face the NFC North division leaders the Lions. This game should be a great one to watch as we have two very potent offenses squaring off in Dallas. The difference in this game is that the Lions do not have an elite defense (neither does Dallas) and because of that, the Cowboys should be able to run the ball down their throat all game. Dallas has struggled this season with teams with great defenses and blown out others that do not. This game will not be as close as people say it might be, Dallas will cruise to a victory and rest some starters in the process.




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