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Monica and Warren's Wedding Day


“We are family!” The song played as the beautiful bride and groom walked down the isle in the first seconds of being married. That song was the essence of the day. A rejoicing of families coming together. Many different people coming from all over the world and many walks of life assembling to celebrate the union between two incredible people.

The families have a way of inviting you in. I remember the first time ever hearing the phrase ‘mi casa es su casa’ -my house is your house was the first time I visited the bride, Monica’s house and her families. I believe each person in attendance felt this very sentiment.


The entire day was an invitation to join together and rejoice. Laughter and fun filled every bit of the day. An undeniable love and gratefulness between Monica and Warren, that so many prayers and dreams of theirs and their families were becoming a reality in these moments.

Caleb and I feel apart of the family and are so grateful to be able to capture these forever moments. Chills go down my spine knowing the importance of it all.

Blessings to Monica and Warren and their families, wishing the love of God to overflow through you and onto this world all the days of your life.


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