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Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Hope you're having a great weekend, friends! 😊A while back I was driving on the PCH which is a windy road with cliffs to the ocean. I was singing worship songs and feeling so much joy, but then a car zoomed by passing me and others. I got so angry and started thinking and saying so many bad things about the person in that car. My peace immediately left me. I apologized for my hypocrisy and started speaking blessings over that person. I thought of what they might have been going through to drive so recklessly, and my heart started filling with love and compassion for the man in the car. The peace returned to me and I was taught such a valuable lesson that day, and reminded of this truth again. Mercy triumphs over judgment. There is no way to know all of what could be going on in another's life, even the people closest to us have past hurts and trials they could be going through we don't understand. When we are frustrated by another's actions I hope I can more quickly go to seeing them with compassion and love instead of anger or judgment. Not only does it bless them if we are able to pray for them and show kindness, but it also blesses us with peace.

And this is our cute little Frosty in the pic 🐰 Would love to hear how your weekend is going or what you think about this! It's so great to connect with you all!!


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