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Males Don’t Have Feelings?

“You lead people on Stefanie, and it broke my heart”-guy from college. I used to believe the lie that males didn’t have feelings- at least not ones I should care about. I was used, abused, cheated on, harassed by certain males in my life. So, I made a vow to myself that I would no longer let any guys hurt me. I would use them for what I so desperately needed- attention, affirmation but never trust them enough to let them hurt me again. I put up a strong front that I was in control. My mindset was to get as much as I could from them by flirting and pretending to be interested, but never commit or get emotionally invested. I felt a false sense of power, but anxiety & unrest in my heart grew and grew until I became numb. I started repenting and changing my thinking about all this 11 years ago.  I stopped using men for my own personal gain and started asking God to see them through His eyes of love, and this trickled down into my heart and actions. Life didn’t make it easy for me though. I was sexually harassed from an older male who was the head of the Christian ministry I was apart of. Many other circumstances as well... I was very tempted to go back to think about men the way I used to. But instead I incorporated 5 huge shifts in my life, was able to learn to trust my gut, and see people with love (which gave me so much peace). I learned how to stick up for myself in a healthier way, and learn to trust the right people. It allowed me to enter into my relationship with Caleb (my best friend and love of my life), seeing him through the eyes of love. You can’t have hate for one gender and then expect to be in a healthy relationship. It trickles down into everything. If you have any hate in your heart and it has hindered you from entering into a healthy, thriving relationship, any anxiety and unrest in your heart based on past abuse, mistreatment, etc. If you’re ready to not let the sins of other people hinder your life any longer: then run into freedom with us and join our free webinar (link here !). Can you relate to any of this? Love sharing from you! 


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