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Lie: My Value Depends on my Outward Appearance/Sex Appeal

We all believe lies that shape us in some way. Lies about ourselves, others, and God. Lies are a lot like weeds. If kept unchecked, their roots can grow, and can kill all the beautiful things around it. When something beautiful, true, lovely is to be planted, the lie/weed can choke it out before it can even take root. This makes me so sad. I lived this firsthand day in and day out for so many years of my life. These lies didn’t allow me to have healthy relationships. I struggled non-stop with depression, feeling unloved and alone (even if there were people around to love me). I kept attracting guys that weren’t right for me, because I wasn’t able to see my value, because I was so desperate for validation. Even when I did attract a guy that might be good for me, I pushed them away based off of my own issues. I didn’t trust myself, my gut, my heart enough because it was so lost and broken, plus it had been wrong so many times before. The weeds were deep, and beautiful things weren’t able to grow. Can you relate at all?

I’m going to share with you a lie that took root in my life based off of something said or done to me/about me/about someone else/. I’m wondering if you can relate to the lie that grew. I’m going to share with you lies that took root. Lie # 1) my value depends on my outward appearance/sex appeal.

I was in 7th grade and a boy came up to me and said “You’re most likely to be on the cover of playboy or grow up to be a stripper.” Even writing those words make me sick to my stomach, uncomfortable, dirty. I believed from statements like that said to me, that it was only by my outward appearance that I would attract someone. That I was more like an object than a human being, and could see others as such. This put so much pressure on me to try to measure to some level of perfection that I saw in the magazines. I was so anxious about how others saw my outward appearance that I spent lunches occasionally in the bathroom so I wouldn’t get stares of others judging me and examining every part of me. I attracted guys that were only invested in this as well. It was my obsession, so of course I would attract others that it was theirs as well. The relationships were shallow and the lies I believed here were reinforced even more. How did I break this and so many other lies to step into something different? Caleb and I are uncovering the specific steps we took/take to have entered into our relationship, and the ways it thrives. It’s not because of magic, it’s because of very tangible things that get real results, breakthrough and beautiful things growing. If you can relate to lies being like weeds in your life and your ready to have beautiful things grow in your life and relationship instead, Sign up with a call from me above! Let this be the year you allow more beautiful, fulfilling relationships grow in your life. Can’t wait to hear from you guys!


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