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Lie: Just Wait & Your Dream Relationship Will Appear

“Just wait, and God will bring you the relationship of your dreams!” or, “When you’re least expecting it, your dream relationship will appear” Have you even heard someone say something like this? You might be surprised/offended to hear me say: I think this is a lie! You probably are in or near a building right now, right? Think about the building you’re in. Do you think the person that made that building only used the knowledge 100 from the Bible? They had no building training whatsoever, but just read God’s word, prayed, waited, listened to the Holy Spirit and went to Bible Studies and the building you’re sitting in was made. Or when they least expected it, the building would suddenly appear. That’s insane, right? Yet, for many people, when it comes to deep emotional and relational issues take the same stance as the above paragraph. If you were building your dream house today, would you hire someone with only the above experience talked about? Would you want to hire someone for free or $50? When you’re trying to build your dream relationship- just waiting on God, praying, and going to church/bible studies, or trying to least expect it, or only invest in in free or super cheap resources is all you need, right??🤷‍♀️ 

Most building don’t just miraculously appear, just like most healthy and long lasting relationships. Waiting when filled with unrealistic expectations, lies about yourself, others and God,  emotional wounds etc. will not only keep the right people away from you, but won’t allow the long-lasting connection and intimacy you so desire. To hire a doctor for a physical problem, a builder to build a house, a financial advisor for finances etc isn’t taboo, but to spend time and/or money on relationships from a professional is out of the question. I hope we can continually break this stigma holding people back from experiencing fuller healing and freedom! Most people I know have spent anywhere from 3,000-100,000 on there wedding day. How much money do you think they’ve invested in their actual inner workings of their relationship? What do you guys think about this topic? Love hearing from you! 


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