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You are loved beyond measure

I Go Back...

What songs bring back amazing memories for you? “She had a BBQ stain on her white t-shirt, she was killin me in the mini- skirt” My husband and I were singing the song as he took the picture of me. There’s something about being in an old truck with land all around you that bring you all the country feels. I think back my senior year of high school with some of my best friends from Pittsburgh. The memories of country concerts singing our lungs out to “Mud on the tires”, having campfires with friends as they played their guitar and driving around my dad’s truck and tailgating. These are some of my favorite memories during my high school years. 10 girls and a group of guys that made so many memories together. I miss them like crazy but us girls all stay in touch and I hope for a reunion soon. For real, “I go back to the smell of an old gym floor the taste of salt on the –New Jersey- shore after graduation and drinkin goodbye to friends. I go back to watching summer fade to fall growin up too fast and I do recall wishin time would sop right in its tracks. Everytime I hear that song, I go back.” What songs bring you back to great memories in your life?


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