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Even In Disappointment, Fall In Step With God

Last year around this time Caleb and I got some really amazing news. To say we were excited is a big understatement. It seemed like so many things that we hoped and prayed for were coming to reality. It had to do with jobs and big life things but it ended up not happening. A lot of this year had been spent recovering from the disappointment of that and some other disappointments. I’ve had many disappointments in my life, just like many other people. When those disappointments come, I have a choice to make. At first I’ve become angry at God or myself and feel like I must have done something to disappointment Him. But then I recall the past, what I know about God’s character and what the Bible says and I’m reminded that God is beyond disappointments. I know God can use any of my mistakes for His glory when placed in His forgiven hands and that He doesn’t make mistakes. One thing I’m learning about disappointments is they can be opportunities to fall in step with God. They are a reminder to me that no matter how sure a thing may seem, this life isn’t completely in our control. We can do everything in our control to make something happen or not happen and still end up disappointed/heart-broken etc. But when we trust God that His ways are higher, that He knows best and He can make beauty come from ashes, that’s where I find hope. When I let go of control, and put my trust in the one that hold this world together, that’s where my peace comes. This disappointment taught Caleb and I many lessons that we wouldn’t have learned as fast without that happening. It redirects our thinking, prayers, and life towards God’s good, pleasing and perfect will. I don’t know all the reasons behind every disappointment I’ve faced. I know some were for my protection, others protection, to strengthen mine or someone else devotion to Jesus, etc. God’s teaching me the importance of letting go of bitterness, being quick to forgive others and myself & the importance of obedience to His word. Whatever disappointment you’re facing today dear friend, my hope and prayer is that it would draw you closer to Jesus, being obedient to Him and give you peace as you trust in the Him.


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