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Dream Big! Sherry and Rene

engagement romantic

How dreamy is this couple? They are pretty fantastic! I was thinking of something because of this couple today. Are you going after your dreams?I had so many dreams in my heart as a little kid and somewhere along the line a lot of my dreams died. I believed a lot of lies and struggled with so much insecurity. In the last several years I’ve really started to dream again. Meeting my husband, he helps speak so much value and worth over my life and believes in my to go after my dreams. It’s a dream to take pictures capturing Sherry and Rene’s beauty and love. This weekend we got to go to this beautiful location and celebrate their engagement with a photoshoot. Between photos we got to learn more about this couple and found out we connect on a special level, because all of us have decided to go after dreams in our hearts. Caleb and I couldn’t stop talking about how adorable they are the rest of the night and how happy we are that they’re going to tie the knot in a few months. I see dreams in their lives becoming a reality and ways they’ve been brave and bold inspire us. They have changed jobs and made sacrifices (just like us) to go after dreams. It’s not easy being a dream chaser, but the victories are like no other! What dreams are in your heart today?


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