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You are loved beyond measure

Are You Disqualified From God’s Purpose Over Your Life?

Have you ever wondered if something you’ve done, or something about who you are disqualifies you from God’s love or big purpose for your life? The feeling of not being enough to do big things with God to love and serve Him and others? ___ My friend @stephespineli shared about people in the Bible that changed history with God’s help who weren’t “qualified” by the worlds standards. She wrote this true statement I desperately needed to hear today “God is the unlimited qualifier, not the world, not yourself.” ___ I remember when I first became a Christian, I thought my past sins would disqualify me from God’s best. I had it engraved in my mind that I didn’t deserve good things: a great husband, a great job, etc. That I wouldn’t ever be used for big things because of how “messed up” I am. I remember crying out to God saying “I’m SO unworthy, unworthy of your love, unworthy of your grace, unworthy of anything good God!” ___ But the more time I spent with God the more I realized that it wasn’t about my unworthiness, but His worthiness. It wasn’t about my life qualifying me but His love qualifying me. It wasn’t about my past holding me back but His grace and redemption overcoming everything. It WAS about me being a beloved daughter of my Heavenly Father Jesus that loves me more than I can imagine. He’s elevating the way I’ve been able to see Him, myself, others and purpose over my life and others lives. ___ I want to remind you of that truth today too sweet friend. You are loved beyond measure. His grace is more than enough. Nothing that others are saying about you, your past or anything you think “disqualifies” you, is beyond God’s loving reach. He’s calling us to be His beloved children called for such an amazing purpose. All we have to do is keep answering His call. ___ Have you ever felt the pull of God drawing you closer to Him? Love hearing from you! 


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