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You are loved beyond measure

Your Heart Matters

Hey you! Yes you, the one scrolling on your phone, can I ask you a question please? How is your heart today? I ask this question to my friends and I ask it to you. Your heart matters! It’s easy to forget how very important the condition of our heart is. When we share deep things of our hearts with others we might not always get the love and care we desire. We might have others invalidate the way we feel, not listen, or give us unsolicited advice. For me in these times, I have hardened my heart. Closed it off. Believed the way I feel is void. But how very powerful it is when someone takes the time to listen to your heart, to really listen. Not to tell you how you’re wrong, but to say that they see you. They hear you. You aren’t alone. In my experience, when I’ve been able to expose my heart to God and trusted people that’s where the healing begins. The places I’ve held onto bitterness and hurt are revealed. My heart begins to soften when laid before God and surrounded by His love and truth. Forgiveness and love flow in. The anger in my heart turns to sadness, and the sadness when helped carried makes me feel like I’m not alone. My heart of stone is turned to a heart of flesh. Our hearts matter so very much. Our mouths speak what our hearts are full of, whether that be hate, greed and envy or love, generosity and joy. Is your heart full of peace today or anxiety? God can calm the fears of your heart and speak truth to the deepest places of your being if you let Him. He loves you. You matter. Your heart matters! The things that have happen to you matter. You aren’t alone. What do you think? Love to hear from you!


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