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“You’re Too Emotional and Sensitve”

“You’re too emotional,” I’ve been told countless times I’m too sensitive & emotional. 99% of the time in a bad connotation. In the past, I always hated this part of me. I feel everything so deeply, and am sensitive physically, emotionally, spiritually. Although many times this has been detrimental in my life, I’ve learned to also see it as my greatest strength. ___ I realize that I’m not alone in the struggle of people trying to make you feel guilty for your emotions. It was so engraved in my mind that showing emotion was bad or ‘fake’ and to hide it. The truth is, emotions aren’t bad. I’m so sensitive so I feel things very deeply which naturally leads to a bigger response than others who don’t feel as deeply. And now I try to embrace this like a super power. ___ I believe emotions give great insight into deeper things trying to be revealed to us. I now try to pay close attention to when I feel sad/mad/jealous/frustrated etc and instead of trying to shove it down (which leads to destructive actions), figure out why I am feeling that way and take care of it at the source instead of deflecting negative emotions on myself or others. ___ Instead of keeping my feelings bottled up I get to give them to God (prayer, scripture, meditation). When 7 years ago I was jealous of a newly engaged couple with a sweet love story, I asked God why. It’s because I hated the relationship I was in, and didn’t think I would ever have a sweet love story. But instead of having anger or gossiping I prayed, realized I didn’t need to settle in an unhappy relationship, broke up with the guy and soon after met the love of my life. ___ Embracing the fact that I’m sensitive, and learning to trust my gut and emotions has lead me to break off bad relationships, lead me closer to God, makes me really good at my job, has given me insight on when someone needs prayer, allowed me to quit a suffocating job, and countless other difficult yet amazing decisions. ___ Emotions misplaced can be very detrimental to relationships, but embracing them, giving them to God, looking for the truth can be a super power. Can you relate? Love hearing from you! 


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