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You are loved beyond measure

You Don't Give Your Heart in Pieces

Happy Autumn! I love seasons and the reminder that they bring for new things and I wanted to confess something today... I give my love in pieces. My love is selfish. My love is anxious and restless. My love is broken and insecure. My love is reserved and restrained. My love can be disengaged and isn't always present. But you know what? My loves been changing for some time now because I know someone's love who's isn't broken. His is always present and secure. It's never reserved or restrained. His love is never anxious or restless. Jesus does not give His heart in pieces. This is the love I've longed for all my life. All people are broken. Our love fails at times and we hurt each other. Caleb and I love and adore each other, we have the best intentions to always treat each other with love, but a lot of times we miss the mark. We've been really let down by some other people and situations in our life in the past several years and have had moments where we've asked each other if God still cares. We always remind each other that Jesus died for us. He gave not just a piece of Himself- He gave EVERYTHING. There's been times where it feels like Jesus is distant, but then I remember; "He who did not spare his own Son, but gave Him up for us all--how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?"-Romans 8:32 His love doesn't always make sense to me from my limited perspective. Just as a good parents love doesn't always make sense to a little child. But God's love is real, it's whole, it's unchanging, it's perfect. He wants us to receive His completely forgiving, humble, unashamed love today. Praying that this new season for you and for me would be filled with this knowledge and reassurance. The love I've always longed for is available to me- and to you.


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