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You are loved beyond measure

You Are Beautiful

Hey You, You are beautiful! More than just the makeup you put on, the products in your hair and the clothes you wear. You are beautifully and wonderfully made by the Creator. He’s made you in His image and doesn’t make mistakes. I realized at a very young age that beauty went beyond outward appearance. At first glance someone may not appear to be your stereotypical beauty, but once getting to know the way they talked, how they acted and how they made you feel they could be the most beautiful person. I struggle at times with believing I’m beautiful. Sometimes I focus on all my imperfections and that’s all I see. There is so much pressure in this world, and I’ve found even more so living in LA to look a certain way to hold value. But it’s just a big lie. Our value goes so far beyond outward appearance, it goes beyond what we do for a job or how much money or possessions we have. The world holds people who are outwardly beautiful or successful with more value. They are treated with more respect and are given more privileges, attention and opportunities. One of the reasons I was so blown away when I met Jesus and read His word is that He has such a different view. He raised up the poor and widows. He saw those that the world casted out, the lepers, sick, prostitutes, homelesss as extremely valuable and took the time to raise them up, clean them up and speak worth into their lives. He asks us to see others in the same way, to not judge based on what others can do for us, but how we can show others love. You are beautiful, because God made you. He thinks your so valuable that He gave His life up for you. And for the next person you see today, and the next. I ask God to give me eyes to see others. Not the way the world sees them, but how He sees them. Not for what they’ve done, not for how they look, but for who He’s created them to be. Let us speak worth and value over people’s lives today and see each person as the unique, beautiful creation that God has made. You are BEAUTIFUL! Tag someone below that is beautiful! 💕I want to tag each of you. 😊


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