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You guys, it’s been a wild 8 months for me. I quit my full time job and have been working harder and longer than ever before to start and work on our company full time. We started our company structured around the things we love and what we’re most passionate about.

I love God, helping others (speaking truth and worth over their lives), marriage, photography/being an artist, togetherness/partnership, adventures and social media and our company gets to do all those things.

God. Our lives have been transformed by what Jesus has done for us. The peace that comes in my life as I focus on Him is undeniable to me. For the last 9 years I’ve been hungry to learn as much as I can about God and to strengthen my relationship with Jesus. As many classes, bible studies, going to theology school, teaching spiritual formation and biblical students class, being on staff with a young ministry and mission trips have all helped with my spiritual journey.

Helping Others. I believe the more you give your life away to God and others the more you gain life. My grandpa taught me this from a young age. It’s not how much you have but how much you give and share your love with others that matters. I volunteered with him from a young age and loved the way that I saw my grandpa changing other people’s life for the good. I’ve loved working with special need students, being on staff with a youth ministry Young Life, going on mission trips, being a spiritual formation and biblical studies teacher etc. When I learn something that has helped me I can’t wait to share it with others that might be blessed by it too. I love sharing about God’s love and peace.

Photography/Art. I’ve always loved making art. Making things for people has always been one of my favorite things. My uncle is a photographer and since I started dating Caleb he’s told him to buy a certain camera (one that wedding photographers use) for me. As we transitioned from our jobs (we were working full time as teachers together) we had been saving up so we could buy great photography equipment and I have invested in me taking about 1-5 classes a day (online) for photography and business now for the last 7 months. It’s been so much fun to learn and grow in something I’ve always been so passionate about.

Partnership/Togetherness. My dream is to work with people I love. For 3 years my husband and I have been working as teachers at a Christian school together. We have loved this ministry in helping kids. We miss it so much (and my husband is still a teacher and athletic director) but on the weekends we work together. I’ve taught him all the most important things I’ve learned from my photography and business classes and he’s a natural artist so it’s so fun to be together as we shoot people and families. I’m so grateful for the partner I have in him!

Marriage. I see that marriage one of the most important foundations in everyones life. Broken marriage has hurt and destroyed so many people and getting my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy was actually never to be a therapist full time as my carrier. Although I loved working as a therapist and loved the people I worked with; couples, children, drug and alcohol rehab counseling, domestic violence counseling, grief counseling etc. I have the heart to use the things I found most beneficial to grow in my marriage and help others in theirs.

Social Media. I know it might sound weird but I’ve always loved social media. I’ve had the chance to meet people from all over the world that my heart has formed a strong bond with. I love that social media can be a way to connect with them and other amazing people from all walks of life. I think it can be used for great good and great evil but hope to do as much as the former as possible.

Caleb and I had so much fun shooting a wedding yesterday. It’s so great to get to bless people together with him.

What do you get to do that you’re passionate about? Love to hear from you!


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