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Who Makes You Laugh?

Happy Saturday! Okay, so many of you might know this already but this girl right here is hilarious! I knew this before we got married, because we would always have so much fun together and she would do all of these funny things like voices that she uses for different things, or dances that she does when she is excited, and the random things she says sometimes, OH,MY, GOSH, she kills me. But it wasn’t until we moved in after our wedding that I really discovered how funny this girl is. It seems like I’m building this up for a story, but for the sake of not embarrassing her any further than I already have I will refrain. BUT, a joy that I get every weekend is to get to hang out with her all day and laugh. I would definitely say that is my favorite thing to do with her. I always tell my wife when I am at work that I wish I could be a fly on the wall at home with her because I always wonder what she is doing, or what she is thinking because she has literally the best outlook on life and how she sees things just is so cute and funny. Sometimes literally the second I get home she has something prepared for me that just melts me. She might have a song for me, or a dance that she does excitedly as she comes to give me a hug, it is literally the best way to come home after a long day. These moments, I would not give up for ANYTHING. I think that it is important to take life lightly and to appreciate the moments that God gives us to sit and laugh at the situation. Without those moments, life could get pretty dull. But thanks be to God for bringing me, (I’m pretty biased, but I think it’s true) the funniest person to do life with because when I am with her, there is definitely never a dull moment. What people/things make you laugh? We always love hearing from you!


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