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Husband and wife  relationship coaches, travel and lifestyle bloggers

You are loved beyond measure

What I Wanted My Whole Life Didn’t Seem Possible Until...

My whole life I longed to be loved, and to give love fully to another. But because of a variety of issues, this seemed like a lost cause for me. The thing I desired more than just about anything else seemed impossible. So after a broken engagement and lots of past heartache & failed/frustrating relationships I decided to get my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I saw a therapist for years, took all the advice I found most helpful from my Masters Program and applied it to my own dating life. I started to see trends in the clients I was working with as a therapist, and started doing case studies specifically about how people cultivate a thriving long-lasting love relationship. Part of my heart died to the dream of having my own sweet love story. But a little bit of hope remained and thanks to all that God allowed me to learn- I was able to meet and marry the love of my life. Having a sweeter love story than I could have ever dreamt possible. But I’ve been around far too many failed or unhappy marriages to think that after “I do” that it would be perfect. I knew that the things I learned from working with the best relationship experts around for so many years, that I needed to apply those things to my own marriage. With my sometimes fiery personality- having Caleb and I’s relationship staying connected and thriving wouldn’t be possible without implementing these things daily. And I see the way it makes our marriage better and not bitter, every single day. And I’m teaching all of my secrets to our amazing clients in our online course/mentorship. It’s amazing to see them getting results. It’s seriously the greatest joy for me. Helping others get unstuck from what I was stuck in for far too many years of my life. Check out our free webinar (link in bio) to find out 5 shifts to have a thriving, connected relationship (if you are single, or in a relationship) and see if it’s worth the time to be set up to have the best relationship possible for you. Your sweet love story isn’t out of the question, friend. What is it you’ve longed for you whole life? Love hearing from you!! 


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Hey, Friends! We LOVE our online family! It’s been amazing to connect to so many wonderful people online, and we can’t wait to connect more with you! We’re Stefanie and Caleb, husband and wife best friends and business partners. We love empowering others to have thriving relationships! We can't wait to connect to you!





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