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What Helps You Get Through The Day?

wood watch lord

What helps you get through the day? I can remember countless times this year when I have had a rough time at work and have just needed that extra push to get me through the rest of my day. Whether it be students misbehaving, the struggles that they go through in their lives, or just being plain worn out from being “on” all day with my students. The struggle is REAL for us teachers in the day to day with students. But everyday I am reminded of the hope that no matter what my circumstances, I have someone that comes right along beside me to help me through the difficulties of not only job, but also with the struggles of life. This picture reminds me of the bond Stefanie and I have together. I get reminded that she always has my back, she comes right along besides me, grabs my hand and helps to relieve some of my problems. Her touch just has that effect on me. Do the problems, worries, stresses completely disappear? No. But for those moments I feel free, I feel alive, and I know that with her I can fly! God is so good for bringing her to me. It is His way of speaking to me in those moments, directly through her. I sleep better at night because I know I have these two to live my life with, and without them I don’t know how I would get through the day. What do you find comfort in when things get hard in your life? We are so thankful for your thoughts and stories! I am loving this watch that we got from JORD. What a blessing it has been to partner with them and that my wife would think to get this for me. I absolutely love it.

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