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Top 5 Southern California Beaches

We love to make frequent trips in the summer to the beach, and it is always so much fun. People have always asked us our favorite spots to go to. So I decided to put together a list of our top five favorite beaches in Southern California that we love to go to all throughout the year. We really hope that you can visit all of them and tag us when you go! 5)Matador State Beach (Malibu, CA) This beach is awesome. There is always a TON of photo shoots going on here because it has crazy rock formations, and some small caves that you can walk into. The beach is smaller, but is definitely worth visiting if you are looking to explore a little and see some beautiful rocks. 4)Crystal Cove (Laguna Beach, CA) A small beach in between Newport and Laguna. This is actually the beach that Caleb proposed to me on over five years ago. There are so many walking trails all around this beach, an awesome town that you can rent a beach house at, and a cool restaurant right on the beach with some great food. We love going here for fun walks, photo shoots, and doing some exploring. We totally recommend making a trip out there! 3)Victoria Beach(Laguna Beach, CA) Okay, so there is a Pirate tower there! If that isn’t enough reason to make a trip down there to see, then you can also check out the beautiful scenery, an amazing park above the beach where you can catch the beautiful sunset, they have huge beautiful rock formations, including a rock bridge that is awesome to take some pictures at and walk through. This has been one of our recent discoveries and definitely a favorite of ours! 2)Point Dume (Malibu, CA) Point Dume is one of our absolute favorite places to go. We probably visit this beach 10+ times a year to walk the cliffs, catch some sun, and see the occasional whale swim by. In the spring there are these yellow flowers that bloom on the cliffs there and if you happen to make it there it is absolutely stunning. We have countless memories at that beach and you can definitely explore for hours while walking around. 1)TIE - Heisler Park and Crescent Bay (Laguna Beach, CA) Our absolute favorite places to go in the summer are Heisler Park and Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach. We love to go there in the summer and chill out for the day at Crescent Bay which is a small beach with crystal blue waters, and tide pools on either end of the beach. It is in the middle of a neighborhood and doesn’t attract too many people, but in the summer months can get a little busy. Once we are done catching some sun at the bay, we love to walk over to downtown Laguna through Heisler park which has spectacular views of the ocean and cliffs. It is a special place to the both of us as we have spent so much time there together and with family over the years. And it is a favorite spot of my late grandfather. I hope that this list can help you decide where to go this summer and I hope that you make a point of enjoying all that there is in Southern California to explore! What is your favorite place to visit and explore? We love to hear about new places!


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