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Throw Away The Right Trash

Have you ever thrown something away too hastily? In an effort to keep things clean around our place I’ve done this my fair share. The time I put clothes I wanted have in storage (seasonal clothes) right next to the donation bag and Caleb took both to be donated. He so lovingly dug threw piles of donated clothes hours later to find the seasonal clothes I wanted to keep. The times I’ve had to dig through my trash because I threw out a nice fork while cleaning up a plate. Or when I throw away packaging to a product I loved and then wished I hadn’t so I could remember what it was called. Am I the only one? ___ And I realized when thinking about this that I can also be too quick to throw away certain words of encouragement or important things I read/hear.  I want to get better at learning what is trash and what is valuable. I used to hold onto cruel things people said and did, and let that affect the way I would think about myself. I’m trying to learn to hold dear truth about God, myself, and others and when I keep that sacred it brings be so much joy. ___ I want to put destructive thoughts and words in their rightful place- the trash.  Caleb has said to me “I wish you would really receive my love, and know it to your core.” Because of pain from the past, I’ve put up walls to receive love at times from Caleb, God and others. I’ve been under the notation, that anything kind someone is saying is a lie to use me or get something from me because of my painful past. I want to keep taking down those walls to receive good things. Getting rid of the real trash and holding onto the treasure. ___ Have you ever thrown something away you wish you wouldn’t have? Are there words of encouragement or truth you need to remind yourself of, get them out of the trash so to speak? Love to hear from you! 


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