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You are loved beyond measure

The Realness Of Marriage

Shot for @whitemagazine by @emily.magers _____ A dream to get photographed yet again by one of our very favorite photographers and people for a magazine where we get to talk about marriage. _____ We LOVE being married. Long walks hand in hand, cuddling on the couch, going on adventures together are staples for us, but lets go behind the scenes a bit… _____ Life can be so difficult, and when two become one, the other persons difficult situations become yours. Any pain Caleb feels, I feel and vice versa. Whatever pains from the past manifest themselves in a variety of ways for one person, directly affects the other. And when we take frustration out on each other, not only does it hurt that person, but hurts even worse knowing something you did would hurt someone you love so much. _____ Before I could hide the ugliest version of myself to the world. Those dark sad or angry moments where I used to cry alone in my room, no one had to see me or know about all that pain in my heart except God (and my therapist or Bible study when I told them 😆 ). _____ But now, those times have been with Caleb. Marriage is the most vulnerable thing to enter into if done whole heartedly. It’s a daily sacrifice of loving another over yourself. No longer are your decisions based on just you, each decision made directly affects the other. _____ When the two become one, it’s so easy to think Caleb is the answer to my happiness or the catalyst to my problem. It’s so untrue. Caleb isn’t my ultimate savior or my enemy. Sure we do things that bring each other more joy then we could have ever imagined. And we also have let each other down at times. But the ultimate source for what will save us and our marriage is God and His love. _____ When we stop believing the lie that we are each others ultimate savior or enemy, and we see the truth, everything changes for the best. Grace, encouragement, and love abound given generously by God to each other. _____ A reminder for myself and you that your spouse/family/friends are not the enemy. You are so loved, they are so loved and we all are so broken. How can you see the special people in your life with extra grace today? Love hearing from you! 


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