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The Perfect Picture I Wasn't Expecting

I was about to take the perfect shot of the bride before her niece stepped into the frame. It was a pivotal moment for me as a wedding photographer. My initial reaction wanted to be to ask the young niece to step out of the way, but then I paused, and soaked in the moment and realized this was an even more perfect picture, because it was real and it told the story even better. 

The way the young nieces starred up at their hero, Sherry the bride was a moment I would never want to take away. Those looks of awe and the real fairytale unfolding before these young girls eyes is something that sends chills down my spine. I realized that this is why I love this job of capturing moments. 

The girls exclaimed that they felt as princess’s and Sherry was the queen, Rene the King. Celebrating love in the beautiful Fox Theatre Castle amongst all the fair maidens and knights. 

As the groom shared the tale of a scary sickness he faced with the bride by his side, knowing in sickness and health is much more than words, being an example of love and devotion for these younger generations before them. And with the care and attention the bride & groom gave to the little princess’s & prince, it all gave me better examples of tangible love. There are more pictures from this real life fairytale on our blog, link here. Caleb and I can’t wait to be apart of more of these unforgettable times. 


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