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The Most Stunning Place We’ve Seen: Banff Canada

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve seen in the world? Out of all the places we’ve adventured so far in this world, we think this place is the most spatular. We drove here, Banff Canada, at the end of a month long road trip almost from coast to coast in the US and then into Canada. It was a bonding experience for us. Lake Louise and Lake Moraine in Banff was the highlight of the trip. We only spent a couple days there and we often talk about plans to go back again. We loved going up a hike through some snow and watching snow drifts fall above us at the other end of the lake where we’re looking. I had previously fallen by a waterfall in Wisconsin several days earlier and had knocked off a few toenails, so getting up and down that mountain was very painful but worth it. It was sweet to get help from my love, Caleb along the way and soak in the beauty with him. ___ We highly recommend this place for a trip! What’s the most beautiful place you’ve seen in the world? We love hearing your ideas! 


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