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You are loved beyond measure

The Most Special Women In The World

These are the most special women in the world to me. (Missing a few) these ladies played the most important roles in my life as I was growing up, and still do. Mom, sister, grandma, aunt, best friend. They are kind, generous, compassionate, thoughtful. My grandma taught my sister and I about the love of water and swimming. I never had a babysitter because she and my grandpa would take care of us when needed. Their house was our second home, and we loved every second being there. Her and my grandpa showed us what unconditional love is. They were (she is) always our biggest fans. My little sister was always my closest companion and we did everything together. She was gracious to me as I always bossed her around, and I made her always have the worst of all the things we played with but she handled it so well. (Sorry sis). She's been such a support to me, my family and the elderly people she takes care of as a physical therapist. We always hung out and even went to the same college together. Her farm is now my happy place. My aunts have always been beyond generous to me. I've always looked up to them as cool and beautiful women and wanted to be like them. Aunt Cindy lived by us and since she doesn't have children of her own, she has always treated my sis and I as her own kids with so much love and care. We've always wanted to see her as much as possible and she's taken on us such neat adventures. My aunt Nancy lives further away but it was always so magical visited her and when she and her family would visit us. My momma is the best hostess in the world. She's always serving others and so generous with the amazing food she makes and welcoming everyone into her home. She's always a listening ear to me and cares more than I can imagine. She has such a compassionate heart and pushes me to see the best in people from the time I was a littlest girl. She taught me to smile at everyone and to be friendly to everyone because you never know what someone could be going through. There's too much to be said about each of them. But even though I've lived across the country for the last 7 years they've still put in a ton of effort to be apart of my life. I always miss them like crazy, but really do carry their love with me. Who's a women in your life that has played a significant role and why? Love to hear from you.  


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