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The Day I Met Jesus

Caleb and I just spent over 46.5 hours driving across the country. We will have a lot more to share about our trip soon, but one thing that made the long drive so fun is @audible_com We listened to The Day I Met Jesus, the revealing diaries of five women from the Gospels by Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth. Our hearts were changed during the drive thanks to this book. We recommend this book to anyone and everyone. The women met Jesus in these stories. In a moment with Jesus, a lifetime of hurt, pain, & shame was instantly turned into restoration and redemption. I met Jesus in a new way as well. His kindness, mercy, wisdom and love are more evident to me than ever before. I’m urged to throw off self righteousness & judgement to a greater extent, and convicted further that we all sin and fall short of God’s glory. But Jesus is our healer and redeemer. His love is greater than we can fathom. I began to put old hurts into a new lens. A lens filled with grace and hope thanks to Jesus being able to do the impossible. He makes the most hopeless of situations hopeful again. I’m reminded that each person has their own story of hurt and pain, and that love, mercy & compassion always triumph over judgement. Oppression over women and outcasts don’t exist in God’s kingdom, and when Jesus walked on earth He broke down gender and social stigmas to bring the utmost value upon every life. I felt as if I was walking with Jesus in these stories. Close enough to reach and be healed, just as these women were. What’s a book that has impacted the way you view life for the better? Love to hear from you!


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