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You are loved beyond measure


Our hearts were beating out of our chests as we waited at a table in a pretty courtyard in Old Town Pasadena. We were waiting for the perfect moment when the beautiful newly expectant mother was about to break the news of baby number 2 to her sweet husband. Ashley called me the day before to tell me her brilliant and adorable idea. Gene proposed to Ashley in that very courtyard four years earlier that same day and they started dating five years ago on that very day. He had a photographer waiting to capture the engagement... and now four years later we were ready to capture another once in a lifetime moment.

Talk and prayers of adding to their family of three was on their hearts, and having their adorable daughter, Lily to be a big sister was too much joy to contain. Caleb and I had the biggest sense of joy and honor to be able to take part and take photos of such an incredible moment in time. Gene's face was priceless as Ashley broke the news and the joy and excitement overflowed through that courtyard. It was a gift to us to be able to take pictures of the couple afterwards, capturing the tremendous love the have for each other. They seemed as newlyweds or newly engaged their love so fresh and fun. Praying so many more blessings to this beautiful couple and their wonderful growing family. Check out more of their cute photos, in client albums.


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