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You are loved beyond measure


I find it so interesting that different seasons, smells, sights, sounds remind me of things from the past. I recognize that I start to feel sad or happy about something that doesn’t exactly make sense, and I look back to the year before in that season and rememberer where I was at emotionally and sometimes that’s why I’m feeling a particular way. Are you the same? I’m thankful for how powerful our senses are and they can remind me of unresolved issues in my life and places I need healing and breakthrough in. Last year at this time I was going through a very rough situation. It’s still painful to think about today, but I want to claim breakthrough over it, speak truth, peace and love to those who hurt me. I don’t want to cling onto bitterness or resentment. Obviously that’s easier said than done, but I think being aware and bringing it to the light is the first step.

I love when things remind me of joyful times, and it’s been interesting to refresh old painful seasons with new beautiful ones. With the new blooms and hope that comes with spring, I hope new life and new beautiful memories for each of us.

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