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Pumpkin Patch

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch? Fall activities are some of me and Stefanie favorite things to do together. One activity we look forward to every year is going to a pumpkin patch. We love sifting through all of the variety of different pumpkins; short, tall, round, thin, etc., they all have different looks. We love to take them home and have a pumpkin carving party just the two of us, it is always a good time. This year we went to a pumpkin patch in in a town called Monrovia near our house. What I loved about our experience this year was that we were able to find some big sized white pumpkins along with the traditional orange pumpkins. Last year we made some pretty funny memories by painting some pumpkins (we had two orange ones) to be white so that they would match more with our place. So finding a patch that had both varieties was bittersweet because we didn’t get to paint the pumpkins again (which was fun) but we got two great looking white pumpkins that we loved to take home. Do you have any fun Pumpkin carving stories? Or a patch that you went to that was memorable? We always love to hear your stories.


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