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You are loved beyond measure

Our Brother, Jesse

“Jesse I will play Twilight Imperium with you guys if you do yoga with me and Caleb.” This is one of my favorite deals I’ve made with Jesse and the whole night was fun and hilarious. Caleb would tell me stories where they would make deals as kids that if Jesse played soccer with Caleb, then Caleb would build Legos with Jesse. I learn from the best hanging out with Jesse and Caleb. Love this pic we took of my brother-in-law. It didn’t take long for me to feel like a real sister to him. Out of all the people in our family Jesse is who we spend the most time with. Honestly, never in my life did I think I would watch the movie Star Wars let alone love it. Jesse is by far the biggest Star Wars fan I’ve ever met. He collects all the books and comics and knows all about he Star Wars Universe. His love for the stories were contagious and thanks to all the extra information he and Caleb gave me and explaining parts of the movies I didn’t understand, the Star Wars series is for real one of my favorites! I remember one of the first times we all hung out Caleb fell asleep on the couch and Jesse taught me how to play chess. They’ve taught me how to play Settlers, Risk, Bang, Pandemic and Twilight Imperium. They’ve introduced me to so many movies and I know more about Super Hero’s and Star Wars then I ever knew even existed. We’ve spent hours playing these games and all building amazing memories together. He is even a real trooper when Caleb and I team up against him playing board games. And a lot of times we have to team up because he knows the ins and outs of these games, is brilliant and can be cut throat. Jesse has a servant’s heart to bless others and give generously and without complaint. He has watched our bunnies and kittens almost every time we’ve been away. He picks us up from the airport, has helped us and our friends we know move. He came with us to get our very first big Christmas tree. At our wedding he was the life of the party and has dance moves for days, making all the girls feel special. We are beyond grateful for our amazing brother. Who's family special family member in your life?! Link in bio to contact us about us taking your picture. 👏👍📸


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