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Merry Christmas Baby

MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY 🍯🐻 _____ It’s been so crazy to see this little on grow up in front of our eyes! She is learning new tricks, obedience, and even beginning to be potty 💩 trained. _____ It has been so fun to see Stefanie living our her childhood dream in little 🍯🐻. Honey absolutely adores her mom and is ALWAYS wanting to play! _____ It seems like she casts a spell on all people that she meets, she has that cute little face that seems to win them all over. _____ One of her cutest things she is doing right now is chasing her tail. She falls all over the place when she does 🤣🤣. You can hardly even see her tail, so it’s funny to see her try and bite it with her tiny little body going round and round. _____ We are so thankful we took the plunge into being dog parents, and people weren’t joking when they said it’s like a preparation for having a child. Honey Bear is a lot of work! _____ We absolutely love our little baby, and we were so excited for her first Christmas with us. She got gifts from our family and loved them right out of the box. We are excited for hopefully many more Christmas’s with her. _____ What kind of dog advice do you have for us? Tag a friend who is a dog lover! 


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