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You are loved beyond measure

Making Her Dream Come True

dolphin girl joy

I love to see my wife smile, there is simply nothing else in life that brings me more joy than to see the look of pure happiness on her face. This picture is the perfect example of that. Last summer I had a conference in San Diego to go to for my new job, so Stefanie and I set out to make the experience a mini-vacation. I had some leeway on where I could stay for the conference so we decided to stay at a hotel on mission bay. Our hotel turned out to be much better than expected and we had a room right on the water with breathtaking views of the bay. Stefanie was pumped to be able to chill out here on the beach while I was at my conference during the day. In order to make this weekend special I wanted to do something for her that would blow her socks off so to speak. With Sea World just a mile away, and with season passes to the park which my parents bought for us, I thought maybe we could do something there. Now if you know anything about my wife you know that she LOVES animals, you can see this on our feed with so many pictures of our bunnies and kittens. She also loves to do animal experiences of any type, we have gotten to do many of those throughout the course of our marriage and relationship. After looking into it I found the perfect option, a Dolphin experience. She would get to play and swim with Dolphins in their enclosure at the park. I knew this would be a home run. Stefanie was a swimmer growing up, she spent countless hours in the pool training. She is a natural in the water, I mean this girl could swim in the ocean for hours and hours if I could actually keep up. Now her favorite animals of all are Dolphins, she gets so excited every time we see them at the beach. And she would tell me stories that when she would play in the pool as a kid (I would argue that even now) she would pretend that she would be swimming with dolphins. This was a lifelong dream of hers. After scheduling the experience, I excitedly told Stefanie about it later on that day. She would get to fulfill her lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins the next day at sea world. The surprise lit her up like a lightning bolt, needless to say she was ecstatic, she danced and jumped around the beach and hotel the rest of the night full of excitement. To see her get to swim with those dolphins was one of the most meaningful and joyful experiences of my entire life. Without a doubt that was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. That look of joy on her face was absolutely polarizing, she had smile beaming from ear to ear the second she got in the water. I was almost in tears the whole time as she got to ride the dolphins and play with them in the water. I don’t think that she stopped smiling for the rest of the night. I was deeply touched by the fact that my wife got to fulfill her lifelong dream, there is nothing more that I enjoy than to give her the gift of that fulfillment. If I could, I would get her that experience every single day, for selfish reasons I have to say, nothing makes me happier than to see that look on her face, I could seriously watch it all day. I hope that I can bring her more of those experiences and to see that look on her face again over and over. This woman truly brings a whole new level of joy to my life. What was an experience that brought you a feeling of pure joy? We always love hearing your stories!


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