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Long Beach

What was your favorite part? Do you ask that question a lot? Poor @cjrouse gets asked that question from me everyday or multiple times a day. I love to know the highlights from whatever he’s done during the day. And when we are on a trip, I ask him all the time. Many times we can pick out our favorite part pretty easily, but on our trip to Long Beach, we honestly were tongue tied when it came to that question. Each new thing we said, we then changed our mind to another favorite part because there were so many highlights. ___ Neither of us could decide on our very favorite part because it all felt like a highlight reel, but on deck of @harborbreezecruises was one of many. After a delicious lunch with the prettiest view at @parkerslighthouse we got @honeybearrouse and sat on the top deck of the boat. We loved hearing the history of different things around Long Beach, looking at the my favorite ship the Queen Mary and hearing about the islands designed by the same people who made treasure island for Disney. ___ It was Honey Bear’s first time on a boat and it was super cute looking at sights with her, Caleb and our new friends. My Marilyn Monroe dress moment was embarrassing but memorable 😂 and we had an amazing time. ___ You know I have to ask you, what was your highlight of today or this past weekend? Love hearing from you! ___ @VisitLB @LBconventionCTR #MeetinLB #ThisisLB #LBconventionctr 


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