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Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Two years ago at the LA fair they had a vendor set up with super cheap Halloween costumes. $5 or less. There was hardly anything left in my size besides a 🐻 costume. I got it for a couple dollars, put it in our Halloween bin and completely forgot about it. When I grabbed the bin half way through Oct 31st I knew we had to be “lions & tigers & bears... oh my!!” Caleb wanted to be a tiger as a kid 😂and he has a tiger onesie and we had a lion 🦁 costume for our kittens. I watched a YouTube video and put on my makeup and grabbed a picture of our animal family before going to our annual family chili night. We laughed hysterically as we played charades and I always pass our all the candy to trick-or-treaters. I will post more pictures from our fun family time later today.