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Light In The Darkness

Lighthouses remind me (Stefanie) of my late grandpa, a second dad to me. He loved lighthouses and was a light in the darkness to me and all those he met with his love and generosity. I’ve now taken his love of lighthouses on and a reminder to me of all those who are a light in this dark and foggy world. _____ Like Martin Luther King Jr., who we celebrate today. A beacon of light in a very dark time. Through a storm he stood on the shore like a lighthouse projecting a message of hope, Love, and redemption. _____ As a history teacher (Caleb) I get to teach about many different people throughout history, but my all-time favorite (I mean, besides Jesus) is MLK. _____ He fought for injustice, spoke truth to the masses, brought peace to the downtrodden, and changed our nation for the better. I have discovered over the years that the parts I love the most about MLK were the ways that he was most like Jesus. _____ I am in no way saying that he was Jesus or even close to him, however I am saying that what was most attractive about him, most polarizing to the masses was the ways that he chose to love in the face of hate, to be Christ in a world filled with malice. _____ We are thankful for people like MLK, my grandpa and all those who bring light to the darkness. These are our inspirations and who we wish with our lives and business to emulate. We have hope that we too could be a part of bringing light and hope into this world. This to us is worth far more than anything this world has to offer. _____ Our favorite quote of his, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Such amazing truth that reminds us to bring light in the darkness. _ What ways are you bringing light to the world? 


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