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Holiday Season

I always get excited for the holiday season, with many activities, events, gatherings, and more, it is always something to look forward to. The positivity of the season is always a boost in morale as I finish the first half of the school year and head into the first big break during thanksgiving. One of the best parts of those holidays is getting to spend time with this beauty. We took this picture while at Riley’s Apple Orchards picking apples and eventually going on a hay ride. It was such a great time of relaxation, fun, and excitement. We got our usual corn on the cob, candy apples, and even some hot cider. The highlight of the day was getting to go on the hay ride. I have to admit, I wasn’t completely sold when we first heard about it, but my wife was so excited and said that it would be fun. I can never say no to that beautiful face, the pure joy exuding from my wife is something I will never be able to ignore, so I signed us up for the first ride we could get. We hopped on the first wagon out, and it was right after sunset, when you have a mix of the night sky and the beautiful colors off in the distance. We got a tour of the back portions of the orchards which we had never explored before, it was fun to see a new part and be away from all the lights. It was nice and cold (which is a rarity in southern California) and was the perfect way to end our wonderful day. All cuddled up on the hay bales, with my beautiful bride under my arm, there was not a worry in the world. Sometimes it takes just living in the moment and giving up trust to your spouse that provides the best results. Has there ever been a time where you were reluctant to do something at first, but after you did it you were blown away? We always love to hear about your experiences!


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