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Holding My Breath

Closing my eyes and holding my breath and counting down the seconds until my love is done with teaching for the year! Do you ever feel like your just holding on for dear life until it’s over? Like a scary roller coaster? I know that’s not a great way to go through life. But sometimes for me at least it’s what I need to do. I’ve felt that way this last week, holding on until I get more time with my husband. 

For the first three years of our marriage Caleb and I drove to work together every day. We saw each other through the day, had lunch together, drove home together, worked out together, and had dinner together. We loved it! 

This year, Caleb’s been working at a public school with around a half hour to hour commute each way depending on traffic. He’s a teacher and athletic director. 

We started our own company and at nights and over weekends we’ve shot weddings, portraits and lifestyle photography together, and worked on our company a lot, but also do a ton of things separately. 

I don’t think either of us has ever learned so much in one year. It’s been amazing to see Caleb take all that I learned and taught him from classes I took and be willing to learn and grow with me. While also taking on many new responsibilities and learning the public school system, teaching a new grade and athletic director for the first time. 

We are so grateful for all of this, but miss our time together like crazy. We’re really looking forward to having a less fast pace life with our attention going in a million places, and have a less divided focus. 

What’s a time you were counting down the seconds? Love hearing your stories! 

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