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Hilary, Sam, Huxley and Their Puppy Rebel

We have been able to be a part of great ministries, beautiful weddings, and wonderful holiday family sessions. This was another family that blew us away.

Hilary, Sam, Huxley and their puppy Rebel were such a joyous and lovely family. They came not only looking fabulous (as you can see) but they brought their love for each other with them as well. Cute little Huxley was in her little princess dress and her parents, obviously in love with her and each other, got to laugh and play all afternoon during our shoot. We absolutely love this opportunity we get to spend time with these families and friends in the different seasons of their lives, and it was pure joy for us to hang out with them. Their tender care for their daughter, and their zest for life was apparent in all of their shots and interactions with each other.

Time flew by as we got to explore the beautiful landscapes, and we spent many moments laughing and taking in the joy of the day. We were so blessed by our time with them and we are thrilled with the results of the shoot. I mean, wow, can it get any better than this?

What little moments are bringing you joy today? We always love to get inspiration from you guys!


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